Donating helps our network stay alive and grow. If you donate, you wouldn't be left with nothing, we give our donators perks. Here's a list of features you would get:

Perks Member Premium Elite
Member Reward
Premium Reward
Elite Reward
Weekly Reward
Colors in chat
Chat Emotes
Mention Notifications
Team Selection
Double Map Voting
Flight in Hub
Donator Cosmetics 0 8 10
Custom Railgun color
Cloud Serverwarps 3 4 4
Extra Plotworld Plots 0 1 2
Extra Plotworld Trust Slots 0 0 1
Plotworld WorldEdit Tools (Compass)
Plotworld GoPaint Access
Plotworld GoBrush Access
Extra Plotworld Permissions 0 2 11
Discord Donator Channels
Prefix Premium Elite
Cost € 5 € 10
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