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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Do donators get extra features?

    Yes, though we can not give features that give a big advantage over members. Donators have access to more plots, can add more members and are given a few extra commands.

    Can I use WorldEdit?

    Yes, when you first join you have access to basic WorldEdit commands such as //set and //copy. By submitting plots you can rank up to get extra permissions.

    Can other players grief my plot?

    No, players that are not added to your plot can not interact with it. Players can however use redstone components, so watch out for them trying to spam your redstone creations!

    I have added someone to my plot and now everything is gone, what can I do?

    We can not prevent players from griefing after they have been added. You can remove players by using /untrust. Make sure you only add people you trust!

    I lost my plot, how can I get back?

    You can quickly get back to your plot using /home.


    Plot Commands

    /claim Claim a plot. By adding "here" after the command, you can claim the plot you are standing on.
    /home Teleport to a plot.
    /trust Add a player to your plot.
    /untrust Remove a player from your plot.
    /plotinfo Get information about the plot you are standing on.

    Teleport Commands

    /tpa Send a teleport request to a player.
    /tpaccept Accept a teleport request.
    /tpdeny Deny a teleport request.
    /back Teleport back to your previous location.
    You can toggle your teleport settings in hub or on https://diversionmc.net/user.

    Building Ranks

    There are multiple ranks on the Plotworld, which you receive by submitting finished plots.
    Each rank requires you to pass certain requirements.
    Higher ranks have more features, such as extra WorldEdit commands, extra plots, higher member limits and more!


    This is the first rank on the Plotworld, which you receive when joining the server.
    This rank does not have any requirements.
    Plot Limit 2
    Member Limit 2
    Basic commands, such as /back and /tpa